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How to use an emoji as a domain name

Today I found out that it is possible to create a domain using emoji. Since emoji is simply text, it is possible to convert the Unicode into ASCII using something called punycode. It's extremely impractical to use on a desktop machine, but on mobile it is an interesting trick and …

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Void Linux

Yesterday, I set it upon myself to try out Void Linux. It's a relatively new distro, which came out within the last few years. Unlike a lot of distros nowadays which are based off of Ubuntu, Fedora, or some other distro, Void is written completely from scratch. It uses it's …

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Still alive

As I haven't done much to this site in over half a year, I figured it's about time to give it another update. As I've been busy with work and school, I've had to to take away time from updating my projects, namely Commander for Pebble and this site.

This …

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ADS-B antenna

Earlier this summer I had set up a flight tracker using an RTL-SDR and some software called dump1090. It worked great at the time; I could track about 20 or so aircraft at a given time using the stock antenna I got with my NooElec branded rtl-sdr. That's not terrible …

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Commander for Pebble update

Commander for Pebble's development has been dormant for almost 5 months, and I believe it's about time for me to make an update to the code. The app is growing in the amount of users, and every now and then I'll get an email asking about my app. One of …

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